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The British Lion by Tony Schumacher

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The British Lion | Tony Schumacher | 2015 | William Morrow | 450p | Review copy | Buy the book

The British Lion by Tony SchumacherIt is November 1946 and Britain is defeated, part of the German Third Reich, its government fled to the US, itself largely tolerant of Germany, and the exiled George VI replaced by Edward VIII. Life has been turned upside down and nobody exemplifies this more than the British Lion, John Rossett. Before the war Rossett was a detective, during the war he was a hero, earning the accolade of British Lion alongside his medals, but once the war was lost he became involved in rounding up Britain’s Jews, his only friend his Nazi commander, Major Ernst Koehler of the SS. Lying in a hospital bed, shot up, Rossett can no longer stomach his part in the Final Solution, wanting nothing more than to return to his life in London’s police…

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Novelist and broadcaster. Writer of the John Rossett series of thrillers.

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