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Write What you Know

American Writers Exposed

Write What you Know.

I hear that specific tidbit of advice from many critics and fellow authors. That’s all well and good if your novel is based on a familiar setting or characters. I am taking a detour from my project about Lippizan horses during World War II to try to jumpstart that project by writing from my own trough of happenings.

Heck! It’s more fun to write about my lost cat from his point of view rather than my own. The guffaws I’ve gotten when I tell others the extreme lengths I went to find him prompted this approach.

Those of you who love cats understand their disdainful view of the world:

Certainly don’t come when called— that’s for dumb dogs. Give dogs a treat and they’ll do anything their humans want.

Figure out what really bugs your owner and do it! Scratch on the furniture even when you…

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