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Why I needed John Rossett.

Tony Schumacher

A little video I made about why I needed to write, not wanted to write, but needed to write my first novel, The Darkest Hour.A little video I made about why I needed to write, not wanted to write, but needed to write my first novel, The Darkest Hour.

Why I needed John Rossett on Youtube.

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Why I needed John Rossett.

A little video I made about why I needed to write, not wanted to write, but needed to write my first novel, The Darkest Hour.A little video I made about why I needed to write, not wanted to write, but needed to write my first novel, The Darkest Hour.

Why I needed John Rossett on Youtube.


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Clowns to the left of me…

     Just looking at the list of people being talked about for the Labour and Tory leadership, and I can’t help but think what a bunch of no mark political lightweights they mostly are. Barely one of them has any experience outside of politics, law, media, or charity. And not one of them looks like they could successfully run a corner shop let alone a country. 

     Where have all the great politicians of the past gone? The thinkers, the orators, the innovators, the people who come from the working classes, and have experience of damp walls and dole queues? 

     Where are the leaders, and most importantly of all, the people who inspire?

     It’s no coincidence that we’ve ended up in such a mess during a time when we have a parliament full of opportunists, and parties being run by PR people and media relations execs. MP’s are more worried about how they look and sound, than what they are doing and saying. 

     Let’s be honest, just how well do we think a country is going to be run, when the Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Home Secretary, are not even able to stand on a stage without being coached about how far apart to put their feet?

     Just think about that for a moment… You are being led by people who don’t even know how to stand up on their own.

     Scary isn’t it?

     So, who do we blame for being stuck with this bunch of middle manager’s, opportunists, and expenses driven halfwitted cowards? 

     We blame ourselves.

     Yep, me and you.

     We are the ones who accept parachuted parliamentary candidates. We are the ones who don’t deselect underperforming MP’s and give them a job for life. We are the ones who read the media baron newspapers even though they churn out more rubbish than Mexico City on Boxing Day morning. We are the ones who sit back. We are the ones who vote for the same party because it’s the party we’ve always voted for and we “couldn’t vote for the other lot”. We are the ones who let them off the hook so they don’t have to try. We are the ones who don’t get involved. We are the ones who shout at the telly, but don’t shout at the hustings. 

     We are the ones who let them do it to us. 

     We are the ones who let them get away with it.

     You and I.

     We are the ones who are to blame.

     So stop moaning on Facebook, and get out there and do something about it.

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The British Lion Sample Chapters.

I keep forgetting to spread the word about the free sample of the my second novel, The British Lion, which is available to read over on my Facebook author page.

It’s a thriller, and the sequel to my first book, The Darkest Hour, about which the Wall Street Journal said:

“Schumacher’s assured and atmospheric writing make this a memorable novel…”

So it must be good!
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!

The British Lion sample on Facebook

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Write What you Know

American Writers Exposed

Write What you Know.

I hear that specific tidbit of advice from many critics and fellow authors. That’s all well and good if your novel is based on a familiar setting or characters. I am taking a detour from my project about Lippizan horses during World War II to try to jumpstart that project by writing from my own trough of happenings.

Heck! It’s more fun to write about my lost cat from his point of view rather than my own. The guffaws I’ve gotten when I tell others the extreme lengths I went to find him prompted this approach.

Those of you who love cats understand their disdainful view of the world:

Certainly don’t come when called— that’s for dumb dogs. Give dogs a treat and they’ll do anything their humans want.

Figure out what really bugs your owner and do it! Scratch on the furniture even when you…

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The British Lion – Tony Schumacher

A lovely review of The British Lion! Always an amazing feeling when I read that someone enjoyed it.
If you’ve ever read a book and loved it, leave a review, you’ll make the writer’s day!

Novel Heights

51IFW16kA0LTitle – The British Lion

Author – Tony Schumacher

Published – 2015

Genre – Alternative history / thriller

I had been intrigued by the premise of this book and when I saw the glowing review from Kate (stay here with my review for now!) I swiftly moved it to the top of the TBR pile.

The place is London, the year is 1946, and the Nazis are in charge as Germany has been victorious in the war. With little explanation of the circumstances that led to the rather unexpected turn of events the reader is introduced to detective John Rossett and Major Koehler of the SS. There are obviously some loose ends being tied up from the debut (The Darkest Hour) which preceded this book and it quickly becomes clear that there is some animosity between the two characters. We learn that Koehler is disillusioned with the situation in London and has been hoping to…

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Magic Words…

 Being a writer has given me many special moments over the years. Be it opening my first box of books from HarperCollins, or maybe chatting to a reader in a bookstore who was a fan, or even walking into the New York Public Library and seeing my book on the shelf… they were all great moments, and I thank my lucky stars I’ve had the chance to experience them. IMG-20160617-WA0000

I have a great job.


I just had another one of those great moments, probably my favorite one of them all.

I just wrote the two words every writer loves the most:

 “The End.”

I made it, another book written.

Now all I have to do is start the next one and do it all over again!

Wish me luck!


Tony Schumacher on Amazon